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Infogird Informatics designed a best-in-class solution for educational institutions, developed especially for managing all aspects of educational institutions. With information technology on the rise today, challenges for educational institutions have changed drastically. It lets you to manage these challenges with ease while letting management and staff of Institute to focus on more important productive things

It let Institution takes care of all your manual paperwork to automate while putting every day-to-day resource-hungry, time consuming process to an online, easy to use activity.

Ease of Access with

The world is going mobile, so should you institute! It enables its user to get on with system independent of the platform they are using; whether it might be Laptop, Desktops, Tablets or even your phone.

Reduce Manual Work Go Digital

To built around the mindset of reducing manual paperwork. It provides much flexible and productive ways for user to eliminate manual errors by providing an exciting digital way.

Best in Class Data Security

With Amazon Web Services providing backbone, It provides you a highly secured and impossible to break security. It implements best-in-class methods against data theft, hacking and malware attacks.

Our Solution

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Edugird is all-in-one, the one-stop solution for educational institutions. Edugird handles every aspect/process of Educational Institute right from Student Enquiry till his Course Completion. With Fess/Finance Management, Follow Up Module, Student Assessment and Business Analytics features Edugird is a “must have” thing for Educational Institutes.

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