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Let us show you that what is Infogird Informatics with Linux shared hosting? They are the provider from which you can create a good site. We offer cheapest hosting solutions for small business hosting or e-commerce hosting. All you need to do is to decide whether you want to have a blog or a forum, a photo gallery or an Internet store and choose one of shared host offers.

Preinstalled templates:
we have preinstalled special templates for each Linux shared hosting package so you can easily create your site within a minute. But even if you can not decide right away you can choose All Inclusive package which provides you with easy script installer to create whatever site you like.

Direct Admin Control Panel:
DirectAdmin is a fully-featured multi-language control panel which helps you to manage your site content, email accounts, databases - everything you need to create a really good site on one of our Linux shared hosting servers.

Types of Linux Shared Hosting:

1. Forum Hosting:
You have a lot of topics to discuss and you want to share them with as many people as possible. As we want you to spend minimum time on your site creation we have already preinstalled special forum hosting software so that you just fill in the information and enjoy. One of the most commonly used and popular forum software will give you an opportunity to develop your forum easily according to your own needs so that your Internet community can grow...

2. Blog Hosting:
You want to share your day to day events with your friends, relatives or the whole world community then blog is the thing you need. We wanted to make the process of your blog creation as easy for you as possible. Now you don't need to waste your time on installation and technical stuff we did this for you, you just click and enjoy your internet being.

3. Gallery hosting: You are fond of making photos or drawing pictures and want to share your hobby with other people. You have a lot of memories stored in your photos or your talented pictures need to be shown to the public. Let us help you with that and you will see that it is even easier that you could have imagined.

4. E-commerce Hosting:
You have your own business and feel that you are finally ready to grow and to create your own site. Don't be surprised if after that the amount of your clients will double. To make you concentrate on your business development and not on the site making.

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