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“Live Chat for Your Web Site is the Better Way to Sell to Your Customers”.

Live chat means a visitor or a customer can immediately talk to someone in company who can answer all their questions, in real time. This is one of the best Informatics which are rapidly moving faster to the favorite live chat. Live chat on the web has never been this easy and never that elegant.

1. All you need is a web browser.
2. Chat directly from inside web pages.
3. Easily customize with our tool or with HTML + JavaScript.
4. World-class queue system.
5. Exit and entry surveys.

Infogird Informatics is a Web Based Live Support System. You just need to launch a web browser to provide help for your visitors in real time. You don't have to install any memory consuming windows applications or play around with security, firewalls to open ports. No software installation required! Software is free.

Infogird Informatics provide you with this facility with a very low cost. And you need not have to worry at all because there is no need to install any software regarding that. This feature of Live chat make our customer way easy to grasp a visitor by providing them with full facilities they required.

Infogird Informatics offers a best-in-class feature set without sacrificing usability, Deployment in five minutes and training in zero.

Infogird Informatics Enterprise has usage based structure designed for large organizations/businesses that need advanced live chat for support and sales teams.

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