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The methods we use for the web designing are

Step 1: Communication with customer

This is the first step but the most important step in development of web designing. Because if we get correct information and up to date then it help our designer to fulfill your expectation.

Step 2: Analysis

This is the second step which is done for the correction of information given by our clients. So that if any information is missing then we can get through it.

Step 3: Designing

This is the third but second most step in development. It shows our customer how their web page will occur.

Step 4: Development

In this the coding of the website is done. Our CSS and PHP developers code the project by doing a further part of their website.

Step 5: Testing

After the development of the software it is gone through the testing where we check the site running successfully.

Step 6: Deployment

And then it is given to our clients with full maintenance and support. As Infogird Informatics believe in creativity and fresh perspective, we go through interaction in every single step with our clients.