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A multilingual website is a website that provides content in more than one language, for example, English, French and German. In some cases only a few sections of the website need to be available in more than a language.

A company can have many reasons to develop a multilingual website:
» Desire to get into new markets. This makes sense for companies that are not internationally established yet but plan to break into new markets.
» The need to provide products and services information to international clients. In this case the company is already a player in the international market and hence needs to keep a communication channel with customers from different nationalities.
» The need to provide informative content in many different languages i.e. media companies
» Many countries have more than one official language, therefore providing content and information in the different languages is a need.

Besides that, we can cite governmental institutions, public services, NGOs, tourism related companies, language schools, and many other business activities that can take advantage of a multilingual website. In some cases there are even legal obligations.

However, this is just a corporate view. With the popularization of internet, small companies and even bloggers can take advantage of a multilingual website. Providing content in different languages may multiply significantly the site or blog traffic and potentially increase their results.

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