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Usability provides information and resources for key issues related to usability in website and software design. We believe that helping people do their work in an effective and enjoyable way should be the top priority in design because if a product is not usable, people will not use it.

What is usability ?
Usability usually refers to software but is relevant to any product.

Some ways to improve usability include:
» Shortening the time to accomplish tasks,
» Reducing the number of mistakes made,
» Reducing learning time,
» And improving people's satisfaction with a system

The benefits of planning usability into your project are:
» Increased end-user satisfaction
» Increased end-user productivity, success, and completion
» Reduced long-term development costs
» Reduced training and support costs
» Return business to improve your competitiveness

Google, Wikipedia, My Space, Forums, Blogs, RSS… all these words form and represent a new way of using the Internet, and has come to be known as Web 2.0. The web is no longer just about finding information, but also having the ability to influence it from a social perspective. Web 1.0 was about reading, advertising, companies, encyclopedias, home pages, and taxonomy. While Web 2.0 is about opinion, writing, word of mouth, communities, Wikipedia, blogs, and folksonomy.

Web 2.0 has brought Informatics that can be used to create a more interactive and better experience for the customer. Some of the Informatics that have been developed include RSS and Ajax.

As Infogird Informatics uses Web 2.0 technology, that provide with the best tool utilizes for your website.

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