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A Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS) is also referred to as Virtual Private Server or VPS is a method of splitting a server. Each virtual server can run its own full-fledged operating system, and each server can be independently rebooted. Virtual dedicated server hosting as an extension for Web hosting services.

Unmanaged Hosting:
The customer is left to monitor and administer their own server.

Unmetered Hosting:
Similar to unmanaged hosting but a fixed bitrates is offered so that it is not possible to exceed a budget.

So there is no need to go any where to search a Virtual Dedicated Server Hosting here is Infogird Informatics to solve your Problems regarding this.

Infogird Informatics‘s Virtual Server hosting plans empower you the control that you’d expect on a conventional dedicated hosting service at just a fraction of cost. Infogird Informatics’ low server density also supplies the availability and reliability that you need for high-demand, latest applications. Infogird Informatics’ Virtual Server hosting plans present proper virtualized instance of the operating system instead of a containerized system. Enjoy maximum uptime for your mission critical applications with server virtualization.

We mainly handle two common and powerful platforms which is Linux and Windows Operating System.

A host of Linux based plans are available for virtual servers that supply powerful and affordable business options for your applications. There are Basic, Total, Business and Premium plans to run your business efficiently and relentlessly. Choose your VPS hosting plan from Infogird Informatics today!

Infogird Informatics offers Windows VPS hosting services run on high-performance Dell servers. This service is available through different plans giving you the power of a dedicated server at very low prices!

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