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"Web 2.0" is a web application that facilitates interactive information sharing, interoperability, user-centered design, and collaboration on the World Wide Web. It is characterised by as follows:

» Web sites offering free web services and tools.
» Open source code - software code becomes a viral marketing tool.
» An enhanced user experience afforded by new approaches to information sharing and use of existing/new web scripting technologie.
» Giving users the ability to share their opinions, media or to offer back to the community.

Web 2.0 Themes
Mash-up (Web Application Hybrid) – using a third party’s code/content while sharing your own to combine and create a new integrated web service.
Tagging – allowing users to tag creates categorized context rich sites.
User Content – users ability to comment, rate, add content, photos, or videos.

» Improved Online Service with Increased Competition.
» Increased Satisfaction with User Friendly Interfaces.
» Increased Credibility & Trust of Organizations.
» Increased Understanding of User Needs.
» Increased Problem Solving.
» Increased Success from Shared Knowledge.
» Increased Content and Usefulness.

Using these benefits of Web 2.0 and applying them to your own products and services will offer the most current trends.

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