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These days you can't search for hosting without finding cheap hosting plans with unlimited storage and transfer at every turn. However, finding these setups and getting a Windows Server back end is another story. Infogird Informatics provides you Windows Hosting at the exact same price as its Linux hosting plans and for once you actually get MORE from your Windows hosting!

With Infogird Informatics Windows Hosting plans you get access to not only the industry de facto MySQL, but you also get access to MS SQL. That's double the options at no additional charge unlike most other web hosts. You also get access to great server languages like ColdFusion, PHP and Java-Script, options that simply are not there on Linux hosting environments. While you can get ASP running on a Linux style box, you lose many of the extra server features that make ASP and ASP.net so powerful - you get hard core access right away.

Another fantastic feature of Windows Hosting at Infogird Informatics is that the plans are all ecommerce capable. The control panel gives you even more access to ecommerce tools such as shopping carts and site management tools like CMS. These are many of the features you would expect to find in a dedicated server package, but these are available in the Windows Shared Hosting packages from Infogird Informatics.

One of our favorite features regarding the Infogird Informatics hosting is the great price, at a low commitment rate.

Infogird Informatics is a full featured web hosting provider with a powerful combination of Windows Hosting options. We can't recommend them enough.

Windows Share Hosting:
When you look to bring your company to the next level of marketing, you need to look no further than Infogird Informatics. To get your business online, you need the premier business web hosting company. Infogird Informatics is the company that offers you live support with business hosting, windows hosting, Windows share hosting, and dedicated server solutions.

Our entire website hosting plans comes standard with award-winning technical support and customer service, top-notch reliability, high-level security, and useful features for any online endeavor.

The Infogird Informatics offers the best in Windows Shared Hosting. Fusing together high end Dual Core Xeon servers and the impressive .net control panels. With these two intangibles and our server monitoring, you can be assured that your site will not be offline.

Our plans start out at fewer than 50 cents a day with all the features anyone needs to get a small business professional site running. We DO NOT oversell our servers to try and make the extra money at our customers' expense. Infogird Informatics is the best way to get more bangs for your buck and not take money out of your web design funds. Try Infogird Informatics today and be sold on us forever.

Windows Shared Hosting provides specific options not available on our Linux hosting platform such as
3. ColdFusion MX

Windows Shared Hosting has become a very popular hosting option. Windows hosting can incorporate many Microsoft products that you might use on a daily basis with your web site. You will be able to use the programs within the MS Office Suite with your Windows web hosting account to publish and interact with your work on the web!

We also ensure you for supporting your customers; we take much pride in the high level of support we provide to our resellers. Prompt, personalized support is offered via our helpdesk, email and telephone. System administrators are also present to resolve any urgent after-hours issues.

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