ERP Solutions for Automobile Industry

Achieving the goal of 4.0 without the smart technology is impossible

How our system accelerates Automotive Industry.

Turn your large volume of data into meaningful information-Simplify your complicated work flows. An automated HRMS solutions which is comprehensive & highly customized as per the need. Streamlines your HR process and offer you the best employee experience.You focus on your core business while we take care of the backend.

Automotive Industry

Scheduling based on different shift time

Multiple shifts settings enables employee movement as per their alloted shifts.Auto Roster facility enable flexible working arrangement at zero interventions.

Manage Direct ,Indirect & Contract Workers

Based on the type of work force seperate arrangements and policy settings for each type.User settings based on their specific job roles .Quick and seamless attendance & payroll process with zero errors for each type.

Keep business running smoothly

Using time sheet where Data is sometimes auto-generated or may be filled every day by the employees, dependencies can be tracked, reporting is up-to-date and you can track the progress of any project in the real time.Protect critical roles, develop leaders, and keep knowledge in the company with succession planning.

Build a culture of continuous learning

Understand workforce performance through insights based on accurate data stored in a single source.Create a cultute of transparency for your multi generation work force.Assess their competency along with automated PMS.

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