Higher Education Solutions

Manage Multiple institutional branches ,pay groups ,various salary grades, tax compliances and entire employee life cycle with smart, userfriendly HRM & payroll solutions. You focus on providing world class knowledge to your students while we focus on providing enriched experience to you.

How our system accelerates higher education services industry.

Education services are too noble to slow down.Do more in less time with smart solutions, Does your educational institution receives unclear or inaccurate reports ? Difficulty in generating the cost analytics reports. It’s time to stop spending your workday being reactive and dealing with tasks like correcting timesheets, fixing payroll errors, and manual processes. EDUGIRD is here to make payroll and HR easier.

Higher Education Solutions

Simplifying Admission Process

Admission process in educational institutions is more often complicated and long, as it contains multiple data filing and lot of paper formalities. If the task is done manually, the process becomes extremely time-consuming. However, with the help of an ERP software , this procedure to enroll best-fit students gets simple.

Automate Fee Payments

Collection of fee is another important process where every payment record is important whether paid or outstanding or partially paid. With automation you can turn this dreary manual task into smooth and hassle free process.

Centralized Data Managememt

Centralized Data Management is cardial to educational institutions as they store tremendous amount of information about students , books, class schedules , examinations ,syllabus plans ect. Having common system make data processing and analytics easy. ERP enables quick sharing of data across all the departments to keep teaching /non teaching staff update on various informations.

Quick Management Process

Using time sheet where Data is sometimes auto-generated or may be filled every day by the employees, dependencies can be tracked, reporting is up-to-date and you can track the progress of any project in the real time.The improved data access also boosts well-informed decision-making through strategic data analysis.

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