Manufacturing Workforce Solutions

With an excellent automated solutions , it’s now possible to foster the development of Industry 4.0

How our system accelerates manufacturing industry

Pandemic has taught us all to be more agile than ever before.We have to do more in less time ,keeping labour cost within budget while maintaining the flow of production. And skilled labor shortages threaten production, business continuity, and growth.Today manufacturing sectors need tachnology that is user friendly, adaptive and evolve as per the future trends.

Manufacturing Workforce Solutions

Streamline Daily operations

For any manufacturing industry production ,demand and suppy are the three caridial activities.Streamlining the daily operations can make manufacturing line faster and more efficient.

What Gets Measured Gets Improved

Measuring any performed action help you forming the baselines against key performance indicators which later helps you in taking major strategic decisions and help you in tracking Return On Investment (ROI) from each unit and department.

Manpower Shortage

Realtime Attendance data with accurate Login & Logout. Total woking Hrs along with Overtime, Break, Department wise attendance to plan any shortage quickly

Secure and retain top talent

Retail Industry is amongst the one with highest attrition and recruiters are constantly looking for new hires .Talent hunting to onboarding is atedious process which requires expertise and involves lot of paper work.Analysing vast amount of data in short time can be very hectic and expensive.Automation of recruitment process helps to attract best talent which are normally missed through human eyes.

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