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How our system accelerates Banking Industry

Companies providing Banking services have an unwritten rule of accuracy and updated market intelligence. Providing a single solution which offers functionality for each business operations. Customer experience is Cardial and providing right solution at the right time is important to stay competetive in the market. Today’s financial services organizations need modern technologies that can learn, adapt, and evolve to whatever the future holds.

 Banking Industry

Eliminates Data Errors

Employee Payroll and Compensation” hold the major proportion in the initial costing pie of Startups. Many companies overlooks a fairer simpler way to reduce employee cost.

Cloud Based Data Security

So what makes cloud security so robust -Its Safe , files stored on cloud servers are encrypted.Consistent security updates,AI tools and auto-patching ,Built-in firewalls,Redundancy (ultra-backed-up data),Third-party security testing

Concurrent Tracking

Multiple branches at financial institution should have effective coordination between them. Customer expect to acknowledge their interactions. We integrate all branches under a bank and the departments under each of these branches, update the real-time status of transactions and facilitate streamlined workflow.

Analysis & Reports

Ready available multiple databacked realtime reports for monitoring key performance metrix.Locate idle manpower ,project reports ,pipelines stages ,task alloted,compensation trends to predict for future planning.

Close Monitoring through real time data

Using time sheet where Data is sometimes auto-generated or may be filled every day by the employees, dependencies can be tracked, reporting is up-to-date and you can track the progress of any project in the real time.

Workplace Transparency

Give your team the freedom to stay connected from anywhere and everywhere. Login attendance , View Payslip, Apply for Leaves ,Time off rquestes,submit expenses all from your mobile device.

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