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Nashik Performance Management System (PMS) Software

Without any doubt Employee Performance evaluation system is a must have for any organization in Nashik and with InfoGird's highly powerful Performance Management System(PMS) Software companies in Nashik can engage and motivate their employess to perform upto to the mark to help their organization achieve their goals.

InfoGird's fully automated Performance Management System helps organizations in Nashik take a 360 degree review approach to analyse the performance of their employees from any size of organizations. With the help of InfoGird's Performance Management System we can set Key Result Areas (KRAs) & Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for employees and at the time of performance appraisal can be alloted to the employees.

Once Performance Appraisal is evaluated for employees, everyone will get notified on email and on Employee Self Service mobile application for Android and iOS by notifications.

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